We are setting out to freshen up the travel souvenir industry. Spice it up. Make it less 'dingy, small, creepy shop in the corner of the town' if you will.

We exist to create timelessly groovy goods that you'll want to wear all year round. To remind yourself of the adventures you had, the memories you made and all the good times you experienced.

Our products are designed for all sorts of adventures and terrains. From chill trips at the beach to super tough hikes. They are the perfect garment to sport.

About Us

At Little Mondo we are all about timelessly groovy products and doing good in this world, or shall we say mondo (Italian for world). 

Our designs are inspired by different locations worldwide, created as tangible memories so that you can reminisce about them, all the freakin time. 

We’re for the people who love a sunrise/sunset situation, enjoy a boogie on the beach, go on quick spontaneous trips at midnight and most of all, love to celebrate the world and all those in it. 

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